Healthy Snacks for Healthy (and Happy!) Kids

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Healthy Snacks for Healthy (and Happy!) Kids
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15 Fantastic Fiber Fixes

Did you know your kids should be eating 20-30 grams of fiber a day? Luckily, we’ve made it easy with our 15 fantastic fixes to pack more fiber into your kid’s meals and snacks.


Give your kids some of these fiber-rich foods:


  • 1 medium unpeeled pear = approx. 5g fiber
  • 1/2 cup cooked beans = approx. 10g fiber, depending on type of bean
  • 1 whole-wheat English muffin (about 4g fiber)
  • 1 CLIF Kid Zbar (3g fiber)
  • 1 CLIF Kid Zfruit + Veggie Rope (3g fiber)


Are your kids stuck in the “white zone” – white pasta, white bread, etc.? Then they’re missing out on important fiber benefits. Try to make at least 50% of your grains whole grains each day. And try foods rich in natural fibers, such as oats, and added fibers, such as inulin, to increase fiber in your diet:


  • If your kids are reluctant to eat non-white pasta, mix some in with whole grain pastas.
  • Swap all-purpose flour for whole white wheat flour in your pantry.
  • Swap chips for popcorn (yes, it’s a whole grain!). One ounce of popcorn has 4 grams of fiber (skip the butter and salt and explore some new flavor ideas).
  • Change up your meals with high-fiber sides, such as quinoa, barley or lentils.
  • Check the label for fiber-rich ingredients such as whole grain oats, corn, pea fiber, and inulin.


Serve up extra fruits and vegetables at meals and snacks:


  • Serve fruits like pears and apples with the peel on to get full fiber benefits.
  • Blend up fruit and veggie smoothies as a great alternative to juice for added fiber.
  • Boost “kid-friendly” foods with fiber: veggies on pizza, pasta with beans and broccoli, and sandwiches with avocado and tomato.
  • Add diced green veggies to your pasta sauce.
  • Clif KID Zfruit + Veggie Ropes are an easy, delicious way for kids to get fruits, veggies, and fiber.


Keep your kids well-hydrated with water, their bodies need it to work with the fiber. And remember to make meal time and trying new foods fun for your kids.