The Creation of CLIF Organic Energy Food: Stephanie Howe

An Interview with Team Clif Bar Athlete

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The Creation of CLIF Organic Energy Food: Stephanie Howe
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We Roll With PeopleForBikes

Supporting the movement to get more people on bikes, more often

Here’s a little story about a guy named Gary and his bike … oh, you’ve heard that one?


The thing about that bike ride is, it means a lot to us. It set the stage for how we, as a company, would take on the next 22 years (and counting!) of our existence. It’s not just CLIF Bar that was born on a bike; many of the employees here also share that metaphorical genesis. 


Plain and simple: we just like to ride bikes. And we like the idea of a world in which more people feel safe to get out and ride: for fun, for the freedom and simplicity, and to do right by the environment. 


This is a goal for us as a company: to help support the movement to get more people on bikes, more often. 


As such – we’re proud to announce that we are joining the PeopleForBikes movement with the aim of supporting their great work in improving the places to ride bikes in the U.S. in helping to create a brighter future for people who get around by bike. There’s lots to be done, and we’re excited to be supporting all of the great work of PeopleForBikes with that future in mind.


In support of this work this year, we’ve worked with our friends at ARTCRANK and designer Zara Gonzales Hoang, (who incidentally was part of the team who created the PeopleForBikes brand identity!) to bring to life a limited edition poster titled Future Perfect.



This poster is for sale at all remaining ARTCRANK shows, but we’re also excited to set aside 60 posters for sale at the PeopleForBikes store. All posters are signed and numbered by Zara, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Each poster is $50 and all proceeds will benefit PeopleForBikes. It’s just one of the many ways we’re excited to show CLIF Bar’s continued support of the bike movement.


Damn straight: CLIF Bar people are PeopleForBikes.