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Alex Honnold


Generation Y. It certainly doesn't apply to Alex in the traditional sense, despite his age (born 8/17/85). When asked if he's on Twitter, he says no. Flickr account? Definitely no, he says. He has a Facebook page, but it seems it's only out of obligation or necessity. He provides a link, but adds, "I think this is the address, not totally sure how that works." For Alex, the "Y" could be more like, why? Because he certainly doesn't care much about keeping up with the wired Joneses. He cares about being outside, traveling around in his van, and climbing. He says, "I enjoy my life very much. It's simple." 

Alex is considered one of the most fearless (and consistently solid) climbers on the planet.—in a recent "60 Minutes" segment (air date 10/2/11), he free-soloed the face of Sentinel in Yosemite while the cameras rolled—but when asked why, or to explain this difficult-to-understand activity he loves, he's a bit mystified. Sure, he likes the adrenaline, but that admission comes only after some prodding. The sense is that behind his big, deep brown eyes and humble personality ("Most people know me for my free soloing," he says, "but I actually solo pretty infrequently. I spend most of my time traveling around and climbing things with a rope on. I didn't start really climbing outdoors till six years ago.") is a fire he'd rather enjoy than analyze.

What's he listening to? Lots of modern rock. Anything where they beat the drums really fast.

Recent movie? "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"

Words to live by? Go big!

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